Welcome to the CrownPrison store.


Support one of the newest gaming networks around, created on: 23/12/2016


About Us:

CrownPrison is one of the non-op prison server, day in and Day out we put in hours upon hours to produce new content and keep up our support, were here to listen to your suggestions!

And until every single person agrees, Our mission is not complete. We hope you enjoy our server, And love the community just as much as we do. Thanks <3


Why should you contribute to the server?

Contributors keep the server up. Without you guys, this server wouldn't exist or be nearly as awesome as it is right now. If we cannot collect fund for our server, we cannot pay for our Server costs


When will I receive my item/rank?

You will receive your item/rank usually under 5 minutes, but you may need to disconnect and reconnect to get your points/passes/rank.

Important Notice:

CrownPrison INC. is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. and should be considered a different entity NOT endorsed by Mojang, AB.

For any questions, Comments or concerns or payment related issues please email: CrownCraftStaff@Gmail.com